Preview of the Slot Game “Tales of Silver Megaways”

Players, hoist the mainsail: iSoftBet’s Tales of Silver Megaways is a pirate-themed online slot in the developer’s Twisted Tale Series, presumably named after Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island character Long John Silver. You’re surely aware that the pirate theme is a staple in slot games, appearing in a variety of variations and with regular frequency. Reusing the same subject matter is seldom an automatic deal breaker, if the game in issue has some redeeming qualities that make up for its lack of uniqueness. Does the Megaway’s Silver Megatales?

Tales of Silver Megaways has an appealingly piratey aesthetic at first impression. Not very remarkable or engaging compared to some of its rivals, but salty enough. The game’s cartoony aesthetic smoothes over some of the more ominous elements, but the inclusion of pirate staples like skulls, parrots, and loot can’t be denied. Silver appears somewhat villainous as well; he could just as well lead a gang of desperate criminals on a ship-to-ship raiding party as he could tap dance into a fight. A staple of the Twisted Tale Series, and a big part of its appeal. Let’s proceed.

By “proceed,” we mean “dig deeper,” where the statistics from Tales of Silver Megaways are discovered rather than buried treasure. The mathematical model predicts a return to player (RTP) of 96.11% while playing in normal mode and 96.86% when purchasing the free spins bonus round. Bets range from 20 percent up to £/€20 each spin for the plunderers among you.

There’s a standard Megaways grid on the ship’s deck, with 6 reels and 1 horizontal bonus reel that can carry an extra 4. Up to 117,649 possible winning combinations are available, although this amount fluctuates according on the symbols that land on the reels. There are eleven standard paying symbols in all, including the low-paying 9-A royals and the high-paying telescope, compass, handgun, and Silver. When you have a royal flush, you win between 0.8 and 1.75 times your wager, and when you get a full house, you earn between 2 and 50 times your stake. The wild symbol can replace any other symbol save the scatter if it appears on the top four positions of the tracking reel.

Slot’s Silver Megaways Story Highlights

Cascading winnings, mysterious symbols, Max Megaways, and free games with a progressive win multiplier are all included in Tales of Silver Megaways, which isn’t exactly a treasure mine of uniqueness.

Successes Snowball

When a player gets a winning combination, it sets off a chain reaction that causes the winning symbols to vanish from the board. Symbols rain down from above to fill the gaps, and this can result in further wins. This pattern of cascades will continue until no more wins can be made, at which point the next base game or free spin will be played.

Invisible Symbols

Any spin has a chance of revealing a certain number of hidden symbols. When a mystery sign is uncovered, it is replaced by a standard pay symbol.

A. Max Megaways

On any given spin, the Max Megaways feature might become active. When this happens, all 117,649 possible winning combinations are generated by the reels, greatly enhancing the odds of hitting a jackpot.

Bonus Turns

The maximum number of free games you can win is 27, and you get 12 of them only for landing 4 scatters in the main game. Scatter symbols only show on the top tracker during free spins, and getting three or four of them while the feature is active adds five or ten free spins, accordingly. In addition, free spins employ an infinite multiplier on any wins. It begins at x1 and increases by 1 with each succeeding cascade. Finally, players may purchase their way to free spins by spending 75 times the base bet in jurisdictions where the bonus buy option is accessible.

Slot Review: Silver Megaways

No, Tales of Silver Megaways does not significantly rise beyond its lack of originality, to answer the question posed in the opening line. Specifically, it’s a near carbon copy of iSoftBet’s Majestic Megaways, which was powered by Big Time Gaming’s engine. Everything, including RTP and so on, is pretty much the same. The Max Megaways modification has been added, and pirates have replaced lions as the primary antagonist. The remainder of the game remains mostly unchanged, being a well-oiled machine that yet offers little out of the ordinary for Megaways gamers.

On the plus side, as was previously said, Tales of Silver Megaways runs as smoothly as they come and immerses itself in its characters quite effectively. But there are some games that have gone even further with the pirate theme or combined it with fresh mechanics. Dead Man’s Trail, a slot game developed by Relax Gaming, is a great example of a game that wears its theme like a pegleg and eyepatch. Also, in comparison to Tales of Silver Megaways, which has a boring round of free spins with a static win multiplier, this game’s bonus round shines with originality. The potential for significant gains makes this combination seem like a safe bet. Don’t assume that they’ll be presented in an innovative fashion, though.

Of all, not every release needs to concoct a heady brew of extremely risky theme execution and blazing new ideas. Some, like Tales of Silver Megaways, are fun and successful despite reusing visual and gameplay elements from countless other games. It’s fine if some people choose to stick with tried-and-true methods, after all. Tales of Silver Megaways could be precisely what the skipper ordered for those who would prefer play about on more familiar waterways than go out into the vast ocean.






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